Wooga Leads This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by MAU With Diamond Dash

The top game on this week’s leaderboard of fastest growing Facebook games by monthly active users is Wooga’s Diamond Dash. This brightly colored puzzle game requires players to pop like-colored bubbles to clear them from the game board, all the while competing with friends for top weekly scores. Players have a finite number of lives (or plays) that can be used, and can earn new lives by waiting for them to replenish automatically or asking for them from friends.

According to AppData, our metrics service for monitoring the top games on Facebook, Diamond Dash has not only been on a steady incline, it also boasts a strong retention number of over 27%. This number is slightly higher than CityVille and other top games. We will be watching Diamond Dash closely as it fights to hold its number one position on the weekly charts.

Other familiar games on this week’s list include FarmVille, Monster Galaxy, Bejeweled Blitz, and Monopoly Millionaires. Many of these games appear to be trading off positions on the leaderboard with each week that passes.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Diamond Dash 1,738,270 +856,819 +97%
2. Monster Galaxy 8,863,763 +852,891 +11%
3. Daily Horoscope 4,504,051 +621,982 +16%
4. Zoo World 7,031,867 +589,113 +9%
5. Monopoly Millionaires 5,874,546 +576,048 +11%
6. Zombie Lane 1,006,801 +459,152 +84%
7. FarmVille 47,505,328 +443,624 +0.94%
8. Mafia Wars Game 17,433,067 +347,951 +2%
9. Spot The Difference 1,552,837 +299,520 +24%
10. Video Galerisi 325,440 +266,488 +452%
11. Bejeweled Blitz 11,599,591 +259,161 +2%
12. Galaxy Online II – Most Competitive Strategy Game 1,306,143 +256,146 +24%
13. NBA Legend: Official NBA Game 1,056,067 +235,130 +29%
14. EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars: Real football & soccer! 3,582,708 +234,702 +7%
15. Games 8,112,606 +233,970 +3%
16. Slotomania – Slot Machines 1,465,455 +219,592 +18%
17. Okey Plus 994,508 +218,549 +28%
18. Dragon Age Legends 713,284 +204,651 +40%
19. Ninja Saga 5,009,567 +203,729 +4%
20. CSI: Crime City 1,880,106 +202,310 +12%

Zoo World is RockYou’s signature social game, the title that made the company shift from lightweight applications and move onto larger scale social game products. At its height last year, Zoo World reached a peak of over 20 million MAU and almost 3 million daily active users. At that time, it was a leading Facebook game sitting alongside titles by Playdom, Zynga, Playfish, and Crowdstar. Today, Zoo World is climbing back up the charts. While 7 million MAU is nothing to sneeze at, Zoo World is still a long way from its glory days. The game originally grew because of an extensive animal collection and breeding mechanic that made its players want to collect-them-all (a version of it also appeared in top non-game RockYou apps, which also helped). Today, other games such as Monster Galaxy are using pet collection as motivation to play, and Zoo World feels like an older title with fewer bells and whistles. Nonetheless, for a game that launched in 2009, Zoo World has done an impressive job of holding on to its core players.

Monster Galaxy is Gaia Online’s first venture into social games on Facebook. It has everything that a good Pokemon-inspired game should have, including pet collections, combat, leveling up, and of course, finding that elusive secret pet that requires unlocking many before it. Monster Galaxy has many social features, allowing players to help each other find and collect pets (called Mogas) and provide seeds which allow them to be captured. It’s a highly polished game with a unique art style that sets it apart from many other games.

The data in this post comes via AppData, our data service tracking growth and trends across the Facebook platform.

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