Wooga’s Jelly Splash crosses eight million MAU across Facebook, mobile

Image via Wooga

Casual game developer Wooga‘s Jelly Splash puzzle game continues to be a hit, as it has passed 8 million monthly active players. Originally launched on Facebook and mobile earlier this year, the game asks players to clear pieces of jelly from the board by clicking and dragging to form groups of three or more like-colored squares.

In each stage, players are tasked with meeting a specific level goal, like earning a certain number of points within a limited number of moves, or freeing jellies which have been trapped in bubbles. These bubbles have hit points of their own, so multiple matches must be made with the trapped bubble before it can be freed. Additional stages may see squares turned gray, with matches being required on top of these squares to eliminate the gray background.

Levels are separated into chapters, and players can ask their friends for help in opening additional level packs for free. Players can also move ahead instantly with premium currency.

Players can compare their scores with others on the level-specific leaderboards, and levels can be replayed at any time to increase previous high scores or earn more stars. If players fail to complete a level’s requirements, they lose a life, but these too can be purchased with real money or earned as gifts from friends.

Wooga’s Jelly Splash was recently voted one of the Best New Facebook Games of 2013 by Facebook, as determined by user ratings, Facebook implementation, growth and overall quality. The game has over 8.2 million monthly active players and is available to play for free on Facebook, iOS and Android.

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