Work For Us Page Apps Suggests Relevant Facebook Friends To Refer Job Openings To

Today, Work4 Labs adds new features to “Work For Us”, its recruiting app that can be installed on Facebook Pages. Smart Share helps suggests friends to recommend jobs to based on their Facebook profiles, locations, work histories and Likes. Smart Sort ranks job openings by relevance based on the same signals of a viewer’s own profile. Work4Labs has also strengthened its integration with the Facebook Ads API, allowing recruiters to easily buy and track ads for their job listings.

Jobs apps have yet to become a big business on Facebook, and the few that have emerged lately act as user-facing destinations and aggregators. However, the innovative uses of data and APIs and its Page tab app style make WorkForUs the best tool for brands and large companies looking to find job candidates through Facebook — and one worth paying for.

With one in three hires in US stemming from referrals, companies frequently urge, or even incentivize their employees to distribute job openings to their social networks. However, choosing what friends would find an opening relevant can be too tedious for employees to undertake consistently. The new Work For Us feature Smart Share streamlines and increases the accuracy of referrals. This could lead Work4 Labs’ clients to make Smart Share a regular duty of their employees.

When users visit a job opening on a Facebook Page’s Work For Us tab application, a “Friends Matching this Job” panel will appear at the bottom. If the user has granted Work For Us extended permissions, they’ll see friends who live in the job’s city, have held similar jobs in the past, that have attained the pre-requisite level of education, or who have Likes that align with the job. They can click a “Share” button to quickly tell one of those friends about the opening.

The other new feature, Smart Sort, improves the Work For Us job browsing experience. Visitors who have granted the app permissions will see jobs ranked by relevance according to same signals used in Smart Share. For companies with dozens or even hundreds of job openings, Smart Sort points top candidates to attractive jobs before they tune out and reduces the volume of unqualified applications.

Users can also connect their LinkedIn account to Work For Us, allowing the app to suggest contacts from the user’s professional network who they might want to refer, and provide more accurate job matches while browsing.

Work4 Labs has also improved its Ads API integration that allows recruiters to promote their listings with ads. The company has invested in the algorithms that automatically handle the ad Creative, targeting, and bid management. This lets recruiters run efficient, effective ad campaigns without being advertising experts in exchange for 10% markup on ad spend.

Ripe For Investment

Founded in early 2010, Work4 Lab began with the mission of helping companies take advantage of their efforts to grow their Facebook Page Like count to gather applications from high-quality candidates. The app has come a long way since its first iterations that basically added  Like buttons buttons to job listings. The 10-employee San Francisco-headquartered company has since grown to serve 6000 clients including multinationals such as Accenture, L’Oreal, and Citigroup.

Companies such as Pursuit (recently acquired by Facebook), BranchOut, and Simply Hired have made standalone apps where some recruiting companies may be willing to pay for a presence. But by creating company-specific Page apps that tap into the Ads API and live where companies are already pushing traffic, Work4 Labs has built the most monetizable Facebook recruiting solution yet.

Founder Stéphane Le Viet tells us that the December 2010 Facebook profile redesign has led users to add much more biographical data to their profiles (just as we predicted). This data powers the new Work For Us recommendation engines that could redefine how companies solicit referrals.

Work4 Labs hasn’t taken any funding to date, but Le Viet tells us it is looking to close “a big round soon”. With today’s updates tackling some of the most pressing needs of recruiters, finding investors shouldn’t be difficult.

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