Working At Twitter Is Like Using Twitter, Says New VP Of Design Mike Davidson

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at Twitter?

Twitter’s new VP of Design, Mike Davidson, wrote a post on his blog reflecting back on his first month – and the insights are pretty interesting.

First off, predictably, Davidson expresses admiration for the “intellectual horsepower and willpower in this organization to envision and create the previously impossible.”

Imagine how inspiring that must be to work, every day, surrounded the industry’s most brilliant and hard-working.

Since the Twitter design team has only recently expanded – from a small handful of people to almost 40 – everyone and no one is a veteran, which really levels the playing field.

What about Twitter headquarters? Here, live vicariously through the Twitter VP:

“The space is beautifully designed, the food – complete with round-the-clock unlimited bacon – is fantastic, and it’s very conveniently located as far as public transportation goes.”

Earlier this year, we shared the thoughts of an anonymous Twitter engineer who reflected on Quora about working at the social media giant. Here’s his two cents on Twitter central:

“Twitter has the standard perks you’d expect from a well-funded startup that values its developers: free lunches, and now dinners, MacBook Pros for everyone, flex hours.”

But before you quit your job and book a flight out to San Francisco, although Twitter is indeed hiring, heed Davidson’s caveat: he says,

“On the perplexing side, I am amazed at how much happens here every day that I am completely unaware of. Perhaps it’s just the combination of me being new and the company being so big, but I feel like I know about 1% of everything that goes on every day. It feels like getting dropped blindfolded into downtown Tokyo.

Apparently working at Twitter is much like using Twitter, in the sense of information and data overload and the fact that you’re inevitably going to miss something at some point. But that’s ok – because that inescapability of omission is built into the platform, and into the job, so that it’s still enriching more than detracting.

What do you think? Want to work at Twitter? Apply right here.

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