Workplace By Facebook Is Growing Up Quickly, With Several Updates Announced at F8

The social network's offering for businesses is now used by more than 14,000 organizations in 77 languages

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Facebook announced several updates to its Workplace By Facebook offering for businesses, which is now being used by more than 14,000 organizations in 77 languages.

The social network said in an email to Social Pro Daily that Workplace is now in use on every single continent, including Antarctica, and that more than 400,000 groups have been created on the platform, adding that new clients include Starbucks, Viacom, Discovery Communications, the government of Singapore, Campbell’s, Save the Children, Airtel and Air Asia.

At its F8 developers conference in San Jose, Calif., Tuesday, Facebook announced the following updates to Workplace:

  • Integrations with enterprise services from Microsoft, Salesforce, Quip, Dropbox and Box to make it easier for Workplace users to access and complete their work.
  • Custom bots for work chat and groups, as well as partnerships with bot platforms Converse, PullString, The Bot Platform, and Avaamo.
  • E-discovery and compliance partnerships with CSDisco, Netskope, Smarsh and Skyhigh to aid clients with their compliance, data loss prevention, e-discovery and legal hold needs.
  • Partnerships to boost the quality of live broadcasts and use of the RTMP application-programming interface that underpins Facebook Live. Hardware and software encoder partners include Teradek, Epiphan Video, Elemental, Haivision, OBS Studio and Black Magic. Production partners include Live Media Group, Pixel Corps, Groovy Gecko, Stream Shark, AMV Digital Media, OBS and Wowza. Facebook is also teaming up with BlueJeans to enable clients to stream multiparty video meetings directly to Workplace.
  • As previously announced, Workplace Standard is a free version of the platform that will soon be available to companies and organizations. An outline of the different features available via Workplace Standard and Workplace Premium is available here.

Product manager Simon Cross provided more details on Facebook’s Workplace-related announcements at F8 in a blog post.


Files, documents and CRM (customer-relationship management) are a critical part of daily work life. As Workplace becomes the primary place where people in organizations go to share information and have discussions, we needed to make working with these technologies fast and reliable for a better work experience.

New integrations with some of the world’s leading enterprise services make it easier to share, preview and organize files, documents and work with customer records.


Bots have become a simple and powerful way for people to interact with services they use day-to-day. Starting today, Workplace customers can build custom bots for their organizations that allow people to interact with other tools and services from within Workplace.

People can interact with Workplace bots in groups as well as in chat. In groups, you can @mention a bot to initiate a task or workflow. The bot can take action and reply back with relevant information. In chat, you can message a bot to request information or take an action. Bots can also start conversations to send you important notifications. Our own teams have built more than 100 bots to improve day-to-day workflows at Facebook.

Here is an example of a bot a company could build to log a repair at a factory.

To make it easy to build bots for Workplace, we have a number of bot platform partners who are launching support for Workplace.

Security and compliance

Workplace is trusted by companies with confidential business information, so it’s important that organizations have the tools to manage security and access control. That’s why right from the beginning, we had support for the major enterprise identity providers. For companies who don’t use these systems, we recently added support for two-factor authentication so that people’s accounts are better protected from compromise.

We also want to make it even easier to let companies export, back up and store the critical conversations that happen in Workplace, so we’re announcing partnerships with several of the industry’s leading cloud compliance, e-discovery and data loss prevention providers. And companies with more specific business requirements can now subscribe to webhooks to manage activity on Workplace in real-time.

Workplace Live API

We’re announcing support for streaming Live into Workplace over RTMP. Because the Workplace Live API is based on the Facebook Live API, it’s already supported by a wide range of hardware and software encoders. Using this API, BlueJeans is making it possible for their customers to stream video meetings directly to Workplace.

We’re also announcing Live Production Partners. These partners bring deep expertise in producing professional quality live streams.

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