Socializing, Social Networking And Surfing The Net – The Biggest Workplace Time Wasters [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are two kinds of people: those who waste time in the office, and those who waste time in the office but never get caught.

Joking aside, even the most hardy and devoted of employees will find themselves skimping on work duties on occasion, but what are the biggest causes of procrastination in the office?

Well, it’s social media that’s one of the biggest offenders, with 77 percent of Facebook account-owning workers who responded to one recent survey saying that they use the social network for up to two hours during the day at work.

Indeed, social media is guilty of taking up a lot of our meant-to-be-working time in the office, with LinkedIn (37 percent), Twitter (8 percent) and Pinterest (4 percent) also getting in on the action.

Overall, however, it’s surfing the net that’s likely the biggest source of office time suckage, with 64 percent of respondents to one recent survey saying that they visted non-work related websites every day during office hours.

These, and other ways that we kill time in the office, can be found in the visual below.

(Source: Yast.)

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