Would a $100 Android Tablet Appeal to Anyone Even at That Price (or because of its price)?

The least expensive iPad is $499 (WiFi only model with 16GB flash storage). While this price may drop over time or, perhaps, remain near there with increasing features, what do you make of this note from Bloomberg.com?

Via Says $100 Android Tablets Will Challenge the IPad This Year

But, what would a $100 tablet device look like compared to an iPad? I suggest looking at the recently released Archos 7 Home Tablet priced at $200 for an idea. I had one on pre-order until I began reading and seeing videos of its somewhat sluggish response, inability to directly access the Android Market, limited memory resources, and that it run the now ancient Android OS 1.5 (1.6, 2.0, 2,1. and 2.2 succeeded it). For $200, you get a what appears to be a useful but not spectacular device from a hardware or app ecosystem perspective. I have my doubts about how attactive a sluggish $100 tablet would be.

If you want a current analogy, take a look at those $80 MP3 audio players with 16GB that I see for sale now and then. Pricewise, it beats the $200 Zune HD 16GB or $200 iPod touch 8GB. And, yet, I would hazard to guess that the iPod touch and even the much less sucesseful Zune HD handily beats those cheap devices in sales and customer satisfaction.