Would You Hire These Dudes?

Thirty examples of really, er, creative resume treatments.

Would we recommend these for just anyone? No.

Would we recommend these for a designer? Maybe.

Some folks
flat-out say no, don’t do this.

We’re quite taken with a few of these:

The small size doesn’t do justice to this; click it to enlarge.

(Maybe avoid this one)

But we’ve never been in the position to hire a designer.

If you have, let us know: would you hire someone whose resume looked nontraditional?

On the plus side, these show the person’s work, very clearly, very in your face.

On the negative side, they don’t tell us much else about the person. How long did it take him to create this? Does he work well on a team? The infographic-style resume doesn’t even tell us anything about his positions other than the dates he worked there, and we’ve been harping on telling a story with your resume for ages.

Your thoughts?

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