Would You Trust Bing Mobile to Navigate You From an Airport to a Hotel at Night?

Windows Mobile And Bing Navigation from Michael Gannotti on Vimeo.

Vimeo video courtesy of Microsoft

From Microsoft’s Windows Phone Blog…

Video: Windows Mobile And Bing Navigation

The somewhat long (about 7 minute) video tells a story of landing at Atlanta’s airport at night and navigating to a hotel using only Bing Mobile’s navigation features. Michael Gannotti’s smooth delivery (almost no “ums”, very few pauses) has an infomercial quality to it which almost put me off. I tend to expect people like me stumbling through these little video demos.

Nice story. Here’s the problem though. I just downloaded and installed the latest Bing Mobile on my HTC Touch Pro2. It didn’t seem to be able to use the TP2’s GPS at all. It placed me about 20 miles north of my actual location when I tested it outside under a clear sky. The free GPSToday was able to located me within about 50 meters of my actual location. So, I know the GPS was getting validate satellite data. So, I don’t think I would trust Bing Mobile to navigate me from an airport to a hotel at night.