Writers Guild Names The Sopranos The Best Written TV Show Ever

The Writers Guild of America has named The Sopranos — horrible last episode and all — the best written television show ever. In a list ranking 101 shows, the HBO series was followed up by Seinfeld (should have been number one!), The Twilight Zone and All in The Family.

The rankings were determined by online votes from Writers Guild members, who must need to re-watch Seinfeld. Are you picking up how mad we are that Seinfeld didn’t get the top spot? Because we could go on.

Here’s the list’s top 10:

1) The Sopranos
2) Seinfeld
3) The Twilight Zone
4) All in the Family
5) M*A*S*H
6) The Mary Tyler Moore Show
7) Mad Men
8) Cheers
9) The Wire
10) The West Wing

Notice anything missing?

No Breaking Bad! Unacceptable. Breaking Bad is clearly better than Mad Men. Check this out: “Don is unhappy with his life so he sleeps with someone, Pete does something creepy and then Roger says something witty. The end.” There, we just wrote an episode of Mad Men.

Now that we’ve displayed our irrational anger about a subjective list that doesn’t matter, feel free to express your feelings as well.