WSJ Editor Takes Another Swipe at the Times

It has been one whole week since News Corp.’s The Wall Street Journal went to the mattresses against The New York Times, and the brawl over New York metro coverage isn’t getting any more civil.

In an interview with Australian newspaper and fellow News Corp. paper The Australian, the Journal‘s managing editor, Robert Thomson said of the Times:

For a paper blighted by the plague of plagiarism to risk its reputation for a few pennies is quite remarkable. They should have more faith in their own journalists — it is unusual that the tut-tutters of the American journalist establishment have not recognised the infelicities of this arrangement.

Ouch. He also said that the Journal is using staff writers for its metro coverage, whereas the Times employs freelancers.

The Observer‘s John Koblin doesn’t quite buy that argument, pointing out that Thomson himself has said the Journal was planning on using stringers for its New York coverage, and that the Times‘ freelancers haven’t done anything memorably egregious lately.

True or not, Thomson’s cranky potshots at the Times were just what we needed to jump-start the New York Newspaper War of 2010 for another week.