WSJ Live: Free Video News Segments from The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal launched a live news and on-demand video news iPad last week. The ap is free and named:

WSJ Live (iTunes App Store)

The app is ad-supported (hence the “free” part). The video ads are reasonably short and, as far as I can see, only seen when the app is launched. Even then, the ads are not seen every single time the app is launched. Videos are presented full screen. Tapping anywhere on the iPad’s display brings up a video/volume control at the top of the screen and news category choices at the bottom. Tapping individual news items in a category brings up that video segment. Video segments range from less than a minute in length to 30 minutes. The product description states that you can: Access the entire video archive of The Wall Street Journal.

Video and sound qualtiy was excellent in the video segments I sampled. Switching from one segment to another was fast and free of advertisements. The app only runs in landscape viewing mode. However, I did not find that to be an issue. I did not encounter any app crashes while running the app several times (multiple launches and exits).