WTF: Nelson Lewis Falls Off the Truth Wagon

Oh, how we’ve longed for this glorious day!  A day when Washington media’s most exquisite creature, Nelson Newis, would again grace our site with his wild lies, social climbing and general WTFuckery. You may remember His Excellency Nelson Lewis as the former FNC staffer and Laura Ingraham Show producer who last year found himself in the clink for impersonating Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga).  Or maybe you remember him as Minister Plenipotentiary for Artistic Endeavors to the Bahamas. No?  Rolling Stone writer?  Ambassador?  As it turns out, most of Nellie’s tales, titles and jobs were nothing more than a wicked web of lies he’d been spinning for years (read the full recap here).

In December 2010 Nelson’s web came toppling down and our little fire pants fled the District to seek treatment for chronic lying at the Menninger Clinic in Texas.  Thinking we’d seen the last of him, you can imagine our delight to learn Lewis had returned to DC when we caught him crashing The Week’s Opinion Awards at W Hotel this past May.  But sadly, it seems that party crashing is the gateway drug to compulsive lying because Lewis fell off the truth wagon and just got caught.

Which brings us to last night at the Dubliner where CBS News’ Christine Delargy and a merry band of boozers were enjoying a post-production libation.   As the story goes, His Excellency approached Delargy & Co.’s table to introduce himself.  Our tipster tells us that everyone except for Christine offered up their names in response to Nelson’s greeting.  But like any good social climber, Lewis didn’t waste the opportunity to catalog a face or title, so he  instead asked Christine her place of employment. When she replied “CBS News,” Lewis let the lies fly.

“I know a lot of people there… Do you know Christine Delargy?  She’s a good friend of mine,” exclaimed Lewis.

Delargy quickly corrected the con man, saying “Um, no she’s not.  Because she is me.”  Then a puzzled Nelson quickly shuffled away from the table and out of sight.  Christine confirmed the bizarre encounter but declined to comment on the matter.  As for us, all we have to say is:  This embeddable music video goes out to you, Nelson.  #neverchange