WWDC: Apple Unveils News App for iOS 9

The News app will allow users to follow their favorite topics and news sources.

During its WWDC 2015 keynote, Apple introduced its News app, which will allow users to customize their news reading experience by following specific topics or news sources. The app’s goal is a familiar one, with platforms like Spotter and Flipboard already offering personalized news experiences.

The first time users open News, they’ll be asked to select a few of their favorite topics or individual news sources. From there, the app provides a “For You” feed for browsing new stories matching these selections, while an “Explore” section presents other news sources or topics users may interested in, but haven’t already followed.

Within News, each article may feature large images, animations and interactive elements, including videos. Users can bookmark articles to read later, and swipe to move between articles instantly.

Apple News 2

For additional news, users can search for specific topics. While a broad search term like “technology” or “science” is accepted, users can also dive into the exact topics they’d like to follow, with over a million topics to choose from to start.

During the keynote, Apple’s vice president of product marketing, Susan Prescott, gave an example search term: Swift. This may present topics like Taylor Swift, the SwiftKey keyboard app, or Apple’s Swift programming language (among others). By selecting one of these results, users can add the new topic to their favorites list for later browsing.

Apple emphasized the app’s privacy, as it won’t share a user’s reading habits with third parties.

News is part of Apple’s iOS 9, with the new operating system launching for everyone this fall. The News app will release first for users in the U.S., U.K. and Australia. Check back soon for more.

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