xAd: Mobile search activity 24% higher on Christmas Eve than Black Friday

Image via xAd

Mobile-location ad platform xAd has released its latest report on mobile usage, identifying a new trend called Mobile Eve, when retail related mobile search activity is at its highest. Mobile Eve is actually Christmas Eve, and, according to xAd, sees this search activity to be 24 percent greater than on even Black Friday.

The high search activity on Christmas Eve comes as a result of last-minute shoppers, and their need to find retail locations that might carry a specific gift item. With very little time before Christmas itself, shoppers can’t travel to every store in the real world, and instead use their phones to see which stores are open, and what they might have available.

xAd compared this mobile data to that of desktop related search activity (via Google Trends), and found no similar spike in desktop usage, as overnight or even same-day shipping and gift wrapping is not available on all websites. Instead, users must rely on brick-and-mortar retail locations.

“’Mobile Eve’ is a phenomenon that has not been extensively researched or discussed, however, as our data reveals, is a massive opportunity for retailers,” said Monica Ho, VP of marketing at xAd, in a statement. “Because ‘Mobile Eve’ demonstrates user preference in finding and visiting physical storefronts, retailers can take advantage of this opportunity to reach retail procrastinators and drive them in-store. This also provides retailers one last chance to increase marketing share-of-voice and year-end revenue.”

The full Mobile Eve report is available on xAd’s website.

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