Xbox Live Facebook/Twitter Addition Coming on Nov. 17?

Twitter and Facebook capabilities could be just around the corner. As soon as November 17th, to be exact. It was back around E3 that Microsoft revealed many of its social endeavors for the online gaming platform, Xbox Live. Among them, was the addition of Facebook and Twitter connectivity. Well, in August we learned it was coming sooner than expected, but at the time, according to Microsoft Marketing Executive James Halton, it was only stated to be coming out “before Christmas.”

That statement was given to Eurogamer, and this latest date also came from a European Xbox site; more specifically, from the United Kingdom. Over the weekend, the splash page of the site had a nifty little graphic stating that the service would be launching on November, 17 of this year.

Unfortunately, it looks like the date was a bit of a slip up on somebody’s part, as other regional sites were not as specific. Suffice to say, Microsoft has since removed the specific date, replacing it with a more ambiguous statement of: “Coming soon. Service launches Autumn 2009,” for both social platforms.

The only question that yet remains is whether or not the new features will indeed appear on the aforementioned date or not. In all likelihood, the release date is probably November and someone just didn’t get the memo on how specific their banners should be. Either way, be looking for this Xbox Live update in a month or so.