Yahoo! News Goes Viral With 'Who Knew?'

Yahoo! News is taking popular news content to the next level with ‘Who Knew?’, a new video project inspired by the most popular news stories. The news site, along with Reveille Productions, is taking the most popular story from the previous day and making an animated, infographic clip filled with interesting and little known facts on the topic.

Despite the fact that Reveille’s production team has only one day to come up with each clip, they are filled with interesting facts and animated flawlessly. The ‘Who Knew?’ project launched on April 12 and has covered topics spanning from jellyfish to U2’s Bono turning 50. Did you know that Cinco De Mayo isn’t celebrated in Mexico? Or that Benjamin Franklin thought the US national bird should be a turkey, rather than a bald eagle?’Who Knew?’ is sponsored by Toyota and each video has a short ad at the beginning and a much longer one at the end. However, no one is forcing you to watch the long ad so it doesn’t really take away from the video watching experience.

I think that ‘Who Knew?’ is a great move on Yahoo’s part. People are becoming increasingly visual – we would rather watch a video than read text. And these videos are chock full of interesting facts and little known information, which give them the potential to get a lot of views and fans. Below is today’s video, based on a news story about the world’s largest beaver dam. Let us know what you think! Do you think ‘Who Knew?’ has the potential for success?