Yahoo News Gets a New Look, Might Try To Take Over the World

Yahoo! News is rolling out a redesign this morning for U.S. that will update its look to match the new homepage that debuted a few months ago.

The differences are subtle, but mostly good. Gone is the big blue header that previously took up valuable real estate at the top of the page. Now, it’s just a search box next to a small Yahoo! News logo, both of which stay with you as you scroll down the page.

One of the biggest changes is that local weather takes a top spot in the right sidebar, though the center news streamā€”which is now customizableā€”still appears in a blog format underneath a few featured articles just like it used to.

Overall the design is cleaner and simpler. A Yahoo spokeswoman said in an email to FishbowlDC that the page will now load faster. Headlines stand out more against the white background with a new, brighter color of blue. Categories stay fixed on the left, so they’re easier to access (before, they were at the bottom of the page). The design now works on your iPhone and iPad, improved versions for Android devices are on their way.

Oh, and the site is also self-aware and artificially intelligent, and it tracks your every move in a bid to please you as its news master. Okay, not really, but it does keep a record of what you like to read about so that it can help you find that kind of stuff faster. In a blog post this morning, Yahoo! VP Mike Kerns said, “… the more you use it when signed in with your Yahoo! ID, the more it learns about your preferences, creating a personal news hub just for you.”

How very Skynet of it. And we all know how that turned out.