Yahoo!’s Year in Review Reveals Disturbing Trend

If the Yahoo! search engine is to be believed, then we’re clearly a society of idiots. So goes the company’s Year in Review for 2012, which reveals that top searches and obsessions include Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton, Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Lopez.

Lest you think people don’t care about politics, the election and iPhone 5 are among the most popular searches. So are political sex scandals. Note the order of importance, which is just a tad too close for comfort: election is #1, Kardashian rolls in at #3, The “Top Searched Memes” showed that politics are on people’s minds. The category, however, should be Idiotic Memes: #2 binders full of women, #3 hurricane sandy fake storm photos and #8 etch a sketch.

Don’t despair. The Top “how-to” search list is really telling: #1 is how to make a diaper cake and #4 is how to boil an egg.

Politicians, of course, showed up prominently on “Top searched scandals.” They include the General David Petraeus affair (#4) and the Secret Service prostitute scandal (#7).

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