Yahoo’s Weather App as Beautiful as Your Current Weather

It’s the thawing season, and there’s no better way to do it than revitalizing your weather outlook with a fresh app – like this new standalone weather app from Yahoo. The company is using crowd-sourced Flickr photos from various cities to indicate the current weather and it’s a beautiful success. Anyone can submit their best work to the Flickr pool and Yahoo moderates the photos to ensure for accuracy and of course beauty.

Our goal is to have amazing photos for every weather condition that cover the globe — morning, afternoon, and night — across every city in the world, and we want your help. Whether you’re simply a daydreamer or an avid photographer, submit photos of your favorite places to our Flickr Group and your image can be seen by tens of millions in Yahoo! Weather for iPhone.

The app also updates its photo to match so you’ll see a fresh image each time you check the weather… now if only they would change the terrible icon to match the app’s beautiful graphics and imagery.

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