Yale Press Retires Paul Rand-Designed Logo; Chris Rubino Brokers Compromise

Matthew Carter‘s plummy Yale typeface continues its serifed march through New Haven. It’s latest convert? The distinctive Yale University Press logo, designed in 1985 by Paul Rand. As reported yesterday by The Yale Daily News and noted by Armin Vit on Brand New, the Yale University Press has begun phasing out the distinctive Rand logo in favor of a straight-up “Yale” (in the Yale typeface). It’s reportedly an effort to unite the university and the press, which were once separate entities. If the goal is truly one of institutional harmony, Chris Rubino has devised an even better solution with the design compromise pictured at right. “I was disappointed to see the old Paul Rand logo replaced with the innocuous Yale logo,” the designer tells us. “So I decided to Frankenstein them together to give a little nod to history. I hate seeing these things vanish.”

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