Yammer Competitor Jive Boosts Fourth Quarter Revenues by 53%

Social, once dismissed as a consumer only trend, is starting to make a real dent into business.  Yammer, a social CRM product dedicated to providing a Twitter like stream of discussion for employees, just recently reported recorded revenues.  Now Jive, a public company and competitor to Yammer has reported their fourth quarter revenues have increased by 53% year over year.  Let’s take a look at Jive and see how their offerings stack up against Yammer.

Jive’s main offering is their Jive Engage platform. It has various elements that let users engage in their own communities, allowing employees to connect with each other in various ways including an activity stream, task lists, following specific users, and even applications. This is what is now expected from a business-grade social CRM/ERM solution, and Jive delivers.

In addition, Jive is expanding in other areas. It has tracking tools that let you monitor the social web from within Jive. This gives it a key social media monitoring ability that I didn’t see in Yammer. Jive has also integrated with Microsoft so your Jive information can be leveraged within Office, Outlook or SharePoint.

Take a look at the video below for a little bit of marketing and some more details about Jive itself.

Looking at the latest revenue numbers, we can see that CEO Tony Zingale pointed out that during the fourth quarter they doubled their deal size and had an annual subscription value of $1 million+.

The $22.5 million in revenue for the quarter breaks down to $19.2 million in product revenue and $3.3 million for professional services. Obviously, we can see the company is growing, but they’re not profitable yet. Will their positive trend continue? It just may, and if it does, that also means that Jive, a public company, may be ripe as a stock.

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