Year-End Pointer to Get Promoted in 2013: Practice Your Job

You know the adage, “Practice makes perfect?” Well, as per one expert practice makes promotions.

As indicated in The Wall Street Journal, a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley rose from intern to principal in merely two years! Here’s how he did it (in addition to hard work, of course): He kept an Excel spreadsheet. He maintained it to track every hour spent during the day.

Mike J. differentiated his skills and work since not all work is created equal. As per the piece, K. Anders Ericsson, psychology professor at Florida State University, revealed that a person in a new job typically devotes time to get ramped up. After a period of time, the new employee has learned the job and reaches a plateau.

Although he or she gains more experience, the worker doesn’t get significantly better on the job itself.

In order to improve and get promoted a la Mike J., we need to improve our performance. For starters, becoming intentional and conscious about one’s work day involves clarity.

The piece referenced creating a specific goal that’s slightly beyond reach. And then list specific actions to get closer to that goal.

Next, ask for feedback. If you don’t reach your goal during your first attempt, get objective feedback. Perhaps reach out to a mentor or boss and outline your action steps and ask for their input.

Third, in order to practice your job, the key is realizing it may be unpleasant at times. You’ll venture outside your comfort zone — not exactly a comfortable place for most people. This is how you stretch, this is how you grow, this is how you reach your goals.

In fact, the piece mentioned people often “retreat to checking email the moment a task gets too difficult.” In order to succeed, people need to power through and remain determined to accomplish the task no matter how cumbersome or uncomfortable it may seem.