#YearOnTwitter: A Look Back At 2013

It’s that time of year: sleigh bells are jingling, halls are being decked – and everyone from media sites to social networks are rolling out their 2013 Year in Review lists.

Twitter, too. But instead of a tired “Top 10” approach, it’s once again published a slick, responsive site that lets you explore each month of 2013 through hashtags and trending topics.

For example:

When you click on a hashtag or topic on the left, you can scroll through specific tweets on the right, complete with images.

In addition to a month-by-month look back at highlights and stand-out Twitter moments, you can explore:

  • News: See updates and opinions about the global events and breaking stories close by or far away.
  • Entertainment: Visit the red carpets and studio sets to get closer to your favorite stars, shows, and stories.
  • Sports: Hear the roar of the crowd on Twitter during every kind of sporting event around the world.
  • Showcase: Here, you’ll find the best tweets of the year, hand-picked by selected publishing partners.

You can also, for the first time, embed any of the custom timelines from the 2013 Twitter Year in Review. Like so:

(Want to make your own custom Twitter timeline? Check out our post.)

Lastly, you can navigate to past Twitter Years in Review, back to 2010. Interesting for comparison’s sake.

Check out the full #YearOnTwitter site for more.

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