Yelp 15 Shares Trends From 15 Years of Data Accumulated by Yelp

There have been 192 million reviews on the platform

Yelp 15's word cloud for New York - Credit by Yelp
Headshot of David Cohen

Yelp is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its debut with the introduction of microsite Yelp 15.

Yelp 15 gives people a way to discover trends via Yelp data from hundreds of millions of people, 192 million reviews, tens of billions of connections between people and businesses and over 40 million words of gratitude over the past 15 years.

The data highlighted on the microsite is divided into seven sections: foods we consumed, chains we cherished, language we used, phrases that define our cities, services we needed, fads we followed and locals we loved.


Yelp shared some of the trends it discovered.

Mexican and new American restaurants have remained consistently strong over Yelp’s 15 years, but tastes in the U.S. have shifted in response to global flavors, leading to the rise of maki rolls in 2014, mochi ice cream in 2016 and sushi burritos in 2018.

Technology mentioned by reviewers has evolved from Blackberry and Razr in Yelp’s early years to iPhone, and uber as an adverb has transitioned into Uber as a verb and noun due to the emergence of the ride-sharing service.

Pizza is popular throughout the U.S. but cities also have their favorite food types. Atlanta loves pimento cheese. Teriyaki and congee are popular in Seattle. Baltimore is obsessed with crab, while Ethiopian food has carved a niche in nearby Washington, D.C. And Houston loves its kolaches.

When it comes to home services, pool help is most prominent in Florida, while many Hawaiians are looking for help with installing and cleaning solar panels.

Dog walkers are the most loved business category in terms of love and gratitude expressed in Yelp reviews, while bakeries “save the day” most often and florists are more likely to make people’s days.

Yelp wrote in a blog post, “This October marks 15 years since Yelp was launched to help people discover and connect with great local businesses. As we celebrate this milestone, we wanted to look back at the biggest trends we’ve spotted over the years … Thanks for the 15 years of love you’ve shown to great local businesses you’re grateful to, and for helping each other discover great local businesses. We can’t wait to find out what we’ll learn in the next 15 years.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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