Yep It’s Friday: U of Utah ‘Penis Gag’ Gets Students in Trouble

It’s a tradition for outgoing seniors at the University of Utah to have a layout on the op/ed page that spells something funny: bitch, jugs, twats etc. This year they went with “penis.” It went viral on Fail Blog and here at FBLA.

Now the students called the Chronicle 9 are being threatened with having their degrees held up because of the prank.
From City Weekly:

The Chronicle’s outgoing editor in chief, Rachel Hanson–who has also served as a City Weekly staff copy editor since February–says the nine students whose columns’ first letters spelled out the gag words each received an e-mail that says they allegedly violated the University of Utah’s Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities. They’re suspected of “intentional disruption or obstruction of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary proceedings or university activities,” and “unauthorized or improper use of any university property, equipment, facilities or resources.”

The e-mail, Hanson said, instructs the students to schedule a meeting with the Dean of Students office.

Really? “Penis” is too much for the dean to handle? Isn’t that like a medical term? The watered down, clinical, completely sterile word for The Organ That Launched A Zillion Jokes? Dude – what is WRONG with Utah?

Hat tip Mediaite

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