Yes, Facebook Is Back!

Yesterday, the week long Facebook outage which affected around 150,000 users was resolved. Lat night, Facebook spokeswoman Brandee Barker told CNET, “Our engineering team has worked around the clock, and as of today, all of these users should begin to regain access to their Facebook accounts.” It was a painful experience for many. CNET reported that “less than 0.05 percent” of Facebook accounts were affected.

Apparently 99.95% reliability is still unacceptable for Facebook! Over 70 people voiced their frustrations in our post from yesterday, where we covered the ongoing outage. The commenters were relatively calm yet anxious to get their accounts back. One user stated, “I’m in Iraq and all I want is to be able to see my friends and family”.

This is probably the single largest outage for Facebook that we’ve seen while covering the company for the past two and a half years. For those of you who weren’t able to access the site, you can now stop working and waste your time stalking friends and family on the site! Or as many commenters noted, you can now log in to check your Farmville farms.

Given that Facebook has become the center of communication for many of the more than 300 million users, it’s understandable that people would become frustrated with reliability issues. Even though the service is free, users have come to expect 100 percent reliability. Reliability was arguably one of the primary reasons that Friendster lost its popularity to MySpace years ago, and there is no doubt that Facebook would like to prevent similar issues from plaguing the site.

Thankfully, the approximately 150,000 users that weren’t able to login can no return to business as usual.

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