Yes Man Legitimately Interviewed On TV After Fake Presser

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Two days ago, the “culture jammers” known as the Yes Men pulled off a stunt that requires some knowledge the PR business by uploading a bogus press release, and staging a press conference posing as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The strategy was two-fold: to capitalize on the Chamber’s vulnerable position in the media and shame them in to reversing their position on climate change legislation, and to promote their recently released movie The Yes Men Fix the World.

However, Yes Men’s Mike Bonanno didn’t fare as well against Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC in a regular interview. Ratigan occupies pro-corporation with regulation position, “we all work for corporations.” Bonanno made his points, and fell back on the group’s most powerful case study in punking the media: impersonating a Dow Chemical spokesman on BBC World News in 2004 to apologize for the Bhopal disaster. He made the sad point that Dow’s stock tanked that day, as investors realized the corporation would face considerable costs associated with reparations.

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