Yesterday, NBC’s ‘Today’ Had an Awkward April Fool’s Joke

today-show-prankICYMI: The cast of NBC’s ‘Today Show’ tried to break out the funny on April Fool’s Day. More specifically, newly blushing soon-to-be bride Savannah Guthrie and her executive producer.

As in, on live television. And that’s when the #TVFail awkward moment happened for all of us to enjoy.

Guthrie concocted a sinister plot to trick her co-hosts into eating Oreo cookies. HAHA! I mean, funny, right? Only (sorry, have to wipe these tears of laughter from my cheeks), instead of the gooey Oreo cream that blocks your arteries … wooooo, hilarious … she had them filled with, with … my gut hurts … with toothpaste.

Oh man, 6th grade called and wants their prank back. Anywho, now that I have composed myself, there was a slight problem with the prank:

  • Matt Lauer had a real, normal Oreo
  • Al Roker’s cookie was fake but homeboy remembered the good ol’ days, so he devoured his
  • Tamron Hall caught on but wasn’t that enamored with the joke
  • Captain Wild Man Funny Guy Willie Geist didn’t even partake in the joke exposing his real party animal side

And now, let the hi-jinks ensue. Hope you had a better April Fool’s Day than Guthrie because the joke was on her as she was cloaked in fake laugh by her TV cohorts. Don’t you love the holidays?

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