Yo MSNBC: Why Not Give Christopher a Show Already?

Is there anyone out there dying to be on TV more than Tommy Christopher? Mediaite’s White House reporter, and man of mystery (who is he REALLY????), has been kissing up to MSNBC host Chris Hayes for months in stories and on Twitter with messages to him using the hashtag #Uppers, in reference to Hayes’ show “Up with Chris Hayes.”

Well, he might have been talking about drugs he has no need to take, since Christopher is already high-strung. He fiercely maintains he has been writing these multi-part series pieces on media personalities for years and that these stories don’t cover any hidden desire to be on the shows. Actually, he freely admits it, he wants to be on the programs and recently told FBDC that “any sane person would.” Whatever the case, Tommy spends a lot of time praising MSNBC personalities. This week was no exception: one lip per cheek of Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell.

Tommy snapped to action when Politifact, the Pulitzer Prize winning fact-checking outfit, pointed out some, um, factual inconsistencies in O’Donnell’s “Lean Forward” ad on the GI Bill. Tommy would have none of it. With the First Family on yet another vacation, Tommy wrote, count ‘em –TWO, posts on the dispute, both of which come to the defense of MSNBC, calling their research “shaky.”

He wrote glowingly about Maddow’s attempted refutation of Politifact’s research, calling it an “obliteration.”

Given MSNBC’s obvious aversion to ratings, why not just give Christopher a show already? It can be a weekend show, a nice lead-in for #Uppers who can’t sleep. Better yet, it could be a great show of people ON uppers who need to come down.  Just a thought.

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