Yodo1, Featherweight Games Launch Rodeo Stampede on Mobile

The animal collection game challenges players to ride and tame a variety of animals to fill their zoos in the sky.

Yodo1 and Featherweight Games launched Rodeo Stampede, an animal collection game that challenges players to ride and tame a variety of animals to fill their zoos in the sky.

Each game of Rodeo Stampede is endless and challenges players to survive as long as possible without running into other animals or obstacles in the environment. Gamers drag their fingers around the bottom of the screen to steer their animals, and they can lift their fingers to fling their characters through the air, with the goal of landing on another animal in the path.

Rodeo Stampede Screenshots

While players are in the air, a yellow circle indicates when they can grab onto another animal by putting their fingers back down on the screen. Each animal will only remain friendly for a few seconds before becoming angry.

Each animal may behave differently when it’s angry. For instance, a buffalo may become erratic and harder to steer, while an elephant will stop in its tracks and fling the character into the air.

While players begin with access to a few animals, such as buffalo and zebras, they can tame new animals for their zoos (including fantasy animals) by landing on and taming these animals while playing. Once players land on a new animal, the taming process happens automatically over a period of time. Gamers must avoid obstacles and other animals to ensure the taming process is successful.

Gamers can complete missions while they’re playing to earn coins, which can be spent on upgrades for their zoos. Specifically, players can purchase a habitat for each of the main animal groups, and as they upgrade these habitats, they will unlock bonuses for future games. For instance, players may be able to increase the amount of time an animal will remain friendly before becoming angry. Coins can also be earned by breaking crates while riding animals, or from the zoo’s visitors.

As gamers upgrade their zoos, they’ll be able to move through the game’s map, unlocking additional animals to tame in the process.

Rodeo Stampede is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.