You Need To Stop Writing Bad Guest Posts

Google's Hummingbird algorithm change is bad news for guest posts, but SocialTimes Editor B.J. Mendelson has some advice to help you weather the storm.

Earlier today, I was trying to figure out when and for whom I wrote my first guest post. I know I was blogging on and off before blogging was even a word. I know my first regular post as a staff writer came back in 2004 for (the very Not Safe For Work) No. I’m not linking to it. It’s a porn site. I’m not really sure why a porn site wanted someone to review new albums for them, and I honestly don’t remember, but that’s where I started writing for other people. So I guess you can call those guest posts, since they were unpaid and I was using the reviews to get myself exposure, which eventually lead to a job freelance writing for Wonka Vision Magazine. If you have any idea what Wonka Vision Magazine is, let me know. I want to shake your hand. They were a nationally published music magazine that started out as a fanzine distributed around Philadelphia, and eventually, parts of New York and New Jersey, which is how I came across them.