You Should Probably Just Forget About Bloomberg Pursuits

In October we heard about Bloomberg Pursuits — a new lifestyle magazine from Bloomberg — launching, and now we have official word from The New York Times that the glossy debuts this week. But you might as well ignore it.

As expected, Pursuits is a magazine that only the super rich (household income of $450,000 plus) could enjoy. The rest of the world will find cover features about a man dedicated to making Ferraris faster and ads for private jets a little ridiculous.

Drew Kerr, a spokesperson for Bloomberg, said that despite its content, Pursuits isn’t trying to be obnoxious. “It’s a very closed audience,” Kerr told the Times. “Pursuits is poly-bagged with Bloomberg Markets so it’s not like we’re flaunting Ferraris on newsstands.”

Exactly. Now run along poor, nothing to see here. Forget you ever saw Pursuits and mind your own business. Isn’t there a new Highlights out this week? That’s probably more your speed.