You Will Be Able to Edit Existing Tweets Soon

“Wait’ll they get a load of THIS one!”

Tweeting can be difficult. We know how annoying it is to realize that you’ve made a typo after clicking “send”, and we can think of quite a few people who might like to go back and make corrections on this or that errant tweet.

According to media man Matthew Keys, Twitter-challenged folks will be able to do just that very soon. His exclusive comes from “three sources close to the project” who figured that “it doesn’t count as a leak if we all do it.”

Some details after the jump.

  • The edit feature will be available for a limited period of time (Twitter’s still working on that one)
  • You’ll only be able to edit each tweet once
  • You may see “limitations on how many characters or words” you can insert or delete
  • This new “editorial algorithm” should be ready in weeks or possibly months

There’s a reason for all the noise: Twitter wants to give you the power to fix your typos but doesn’t want users to “to tweet a news story one minute, accumulate a large amount of re-tweets, and then replace the message with an advertisement or a promotion”. The new feature’s primary purpose will be to “immediately help debunk rumors or incorrect reports that [users], themselves, may cause by updating a tweet” to reflect on new information.

Makes sense.

As in the past, Twitter will make this super-new feature available to a select group of top journalists, etc. for a testing phase. Other recent experiments such as the “send messages to people who don’t follow you” option and the “mute-don’t-block-your-stalkers” option died as quickly as they appeared, but we have a feeling this one will get a better reception.

One of the first brave commenters on the story even called it “a publicist’s dream come true.”


@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.