8 Stats Showing Why Your Company MUST Tweet In The New Year [STUDY]

If your company STILL isn’t on Twitter, we have some stats that may help you make the case to higher ups.

We told you earlier that 71 percent of users who receive positive customer support through a brand on a social channel go on to recommend them to their friends, but we know that isn’t enough hard data for some naysayers. But THIS should be:

According Mass Relevance, “there are so many Facebook users that if Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest and Twitter would be right behind it.”

Could that be true? Twitter just reached more than 200 million active users, so yes – it’s true. And if your business isn’t on Twitter (and Facebook) now, it’s definitely missing out on some solid conversion opportunities.

Here are eight stats from The Hunger Report Volume 1 that should help make your case (Though we’re not sure why a case has to be made, honestly – why even have a website if you’re not wanting to turn visitors into customers? Gah!):

  • 56% of consumers would be more likely to encourage friends and family to try new products from a social brand
  • 63% of consumers are influenced by the social media comments of others
  • 63% of consumers agree that social experiences make them more interested in a brand’s product
  • 64% of consumers have made a purchase decision based on social content
  • 67% of 18-34 year old consumers prefer to do business with social companies
  • 79% of consumers say they want to be able to get coupons and promotions from brands socially
  • 54% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product from a social brand
  • 91% of 18-34 year olds using social media are talking about brands

In a nutshell: Social is the new word of mouth and it’s SO much more powerful – and it helps clients feel a personal connection. You know, kind of like your holiday cards (don’t)?

Want to learn more? Check out the study Mass Relevance recently published titled The Social Hunger Report Vol 1.

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