Your Valentine’s Day Tweet Could Be Read By The “Voice Of Love” Today

If you’ve been bitten by the love bug today, here’s one more way you can show your significant other just how much you care: your Valentine’s Day tweet could be read by the Voice of Love himself, Ted Williams.

Does that name ring a bell? If you’re a pop culture junkie, it should. Williams was a homeless man panhandling in Ohio last year, whose viral video sent him to pop culture stardom. The video, which has been viewed nearly 20 million times, featured Williams’ “Golden Voice” and got him a gig doing voice overs and radio stints.

Now, he’s teaming up with Kraft during their Macaroni & Cheese “Golden Voice of Love” campaign, which invites Twitter users to send out a Valentine’s Day tweet tagged with #VoiceOfLove. If Williams likes your tweet, he’ll read it on a short YouTube video, pairing his voice to a clip of a cute puppy, giraffes nuzzling, or another lovey-dovey scene.

Each tweet that’s read by Williams is not only a sweet Valentine’s Day message, but it also sees Kraft donate 100 boxes of Mac & Cheese to Feeding America, a homeless advocacy group, donating up to 100,000 boxes by the end of the campaign.

The Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Twitter account (@KraftMacnCheese) is tweeting all of the lucky tweets to their authors until the end of Valentine’s Day today.

Here are two chosen tweets read by the “Golden Voice of Love”, surely to inspire squeals of joy when they’re shared with the tweeter’s loved one:

(Top image: Trifonov Igor via Shutterstock)

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