YouTube founders think China hasn’t heard of Vine

Wan-Pai is a new free app for iOS and Android from AVOS Systems, the company started by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, the founders of YouTube. Wan-Pai is Vine, the six-second video sharing app, but for the Chinese mobile market.

Everything from the interface to the editor’s picks seems directly lifted from Vine. Wan-Pai does try to distinguish itself by adding filters and using a salmon color scheme instead of Vine’s green. Annoyingly, where it is different is a noticeable lag before videos start playing instead of Vine’s near instant playback.

While the app has been out since April, it got a fresh round of attention after a mention on TechCrunch on Thursday. It was not, however, a positive review. “I hate to use the word clone, but… clone,” is how the site characterized the app.

On its web site, AVOS said, “We are experimenting with new forms of expression and collaboration through photos and videos including removing technical and social barriers that prevent people from creating higher quality digital content, working on it with others and distributing it online.”

Looks like they’ve succeeded in removing the “technical and social barriers.” Now they just need to work on the “new forms” aspect.