YouTube Gets More Social With Bulletins

Yesterday evening YouTube announced the addition of a new social feature on their site – bulletins. Now content creators and video publishers have the opportunity to communicate with all of their subscribers by posting bulletins to their YouTube homepages.

The feature, which is reminiscent of Facebook status updates, allows YouTube users to easily send out text and videos to all of their subscribers. Bulletins can be sent directly from a ‘Post Bulletins’ field that has been added to each users’ ‘My Channel’ page. Once you post a bulletin it will appear on the homepage of all your subscribers.

Bulletins are great for a couple of reasons. For starters, they are a great way for users to share great content that they discover on YouTube. Let’s say you discover an amazing new vlogger and want to share their latest video with your subscribers. You can write a quick bulletin, add a link to the video and literally forward it along to all of your subscribers in seconds. Video sharing on YouTube has never been so easy.

The same goes for your own videos and announcements. With bulletins you have the ability to get the word out about your new videos to all your subscribers right away, and to include a message asking them to watch and share. Wondering what effect bulletins will have on your traffic and views? You can check out analytics and see how many people clicked on your bulletins on YouTube’s insight area.

What’s your take on the addition of bulletins to YouTube’s social features? Do you think they will become a legitimate way to share videos and thoughts or just an arena for users to spam their subscribers?

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