YouTube Looks to Give Brands Access to Cord-Cutters With Masthead Ads for TV

Daily watch time on those screens is over 250 million hours

A study found that YouTube ads on TV screens drive a 10% greater lift in recall than ads on linear TV - Credit by YouTube
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YouTube said television screens are its fastest-growing device, with daily watch time topping 250 million hours, so the Google-owned video site is taking steps to monetize that space.

In a globally available beta-test, Google is bringing the YouTube Masthead ad placement to the TV screen, giving brands the opportunity to reach audiences as they search for and discover new content in the application’s feed.

Marketers can apply here to purchase the YouTube Masthead on TV screens on a cost-per-thousand-impressions basis, and they can customize the audiences for those placements.

The YouTube Masthead on TV screens is a reserved placement, giving brands the opportunity to secure it on the dates that will have the most impact for them, and it can be purchased as part of a cross-screen or single-screen buy.

These Masthead ads will also auto-play after a few seconds.

YouTube began beta-testing the option of buying ads on its masthead on a CPM basis, as well as using its targeting solutions to determine which users see those ads, in February, and that beta-test ended in July, opening up the option to all advertisers as a reserved media placement, with advertisers paying based on CPM or cost per day, or at a fixed rate, and minimum spend requirements.

The Google-owned video site said in a blog post introducing the new placement, “We know that the rich audio and visual experience of YouTube on TV screens means the potential to drive upper-funnel impact is bigger than ever,” adding that a study conducted with Media Science found that YouTube ads on TV screens drive a 10% greater lift in recall than ads on linear TV. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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