YouTube Prepares To Roll Out New Video Player

YouTube has begun rolling out a new video player design today. We noticed the new design popping up on various videos this evening, and it appears to have been applied only to a portion of the site’s videos so far.

The new player has a slightly more streamlined design than the old player, and draws the attention away from the controls, allowing viewers to focus their attention on the video. When the user’s mouse is not sitting on the player it fades into the background, similarly to the way that Vimeo controls disappear when the player is not activated. Besides this, there don’t seem to be a huge number of changes. However, the red time line has been moved to the top of the control area for a more balanced look. The volume control also opens to the side now, rather than up and down and the closed caption and annotation options seem to have been removed.

Videos that have been embedded on websites and blogs are still showing the old player. However, we suspect that as YouTube continues to roll out thier new player it will replace the old one entirely. Check out the screenshots of new YouTube player below and let us know what you think! Have you noticed the change this evening?