YouTube Motivates Bloggers With New "As Seen On" Feature

YouTube is giving credit where credit is due to bloggers and site owners that are sharing YouTube content on their sites. The ‘As Seen On’ feature, which was implemented on the YouTube News page last summer to give credit to the sites that drove the most traffic to a particular news video, can now be found on the video page as well.

If a specific blog or site succeeds in driving a significant amount of traffic to a YouTube video then the site will receive credit on the video page, directly below the comments field under the video. The feature is currently in an experimental stage, but YouTube is planning on making it permanent. The news was announced last night on the YouTube Blog.

The ‘As Seen On’ feature represents a real give and take dynamic between YouTube and the blogosphere. It’s great for YouTube because it will motivate bloggers and site owners to share even more video content, in the hopes of getting recognition. It’s great for bloggers because it gives them the opportunity to reach out to a whole new potential audience. Having a link to your blog on the page of a popular YouTube video could be one of the best ways to generate traffic for your blog that the web has ever seen!

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