YouTube Small Talk To Award $10,000 To Cutest Kid

YouTube, Ryan Seacrest, and the new Toyota Sienna are looking for the next cute kid video, so watch out Charlie and David! Small Talk is calling all parents to send in clips of their adorable little ones for the chance to win a whopping $10,000. Parents just have to submit videos of their children answering one of ten questions, preselected for their cuteness quotient. The YouTube community will vote to determine the winner.

The contest questions should yield some priceless answers:

1. How much does a car cost?
2. What do you like to do when riding in mom or dad’s car?
3. Where do you want to go on the next family vacation?
4. Who’s a better driver – mommy or daddy?
5. What do mommy & daddy do when they go out without you?
6. What’s your favorite part of a car?
7. What’s the strangest thing mommy or daddy have put in your car?
8. Have your mommy or daddy ever said something that wasn’t true?
9. What’s the best thing about a car trip?
10. Where is the most fun place mommy or daddy have taken you in your car?

You may notice that the questions are all car-related, which is no surprise considering that the contest is sponsored by Toyota. This in an ingenious marketing strategy, as Toyota will be able to use these clips to promote its new Toyota Sienna and, as we all know, video clips of cute kids on YouTube are the cream of the viral crop.

Parents have six weeks until June 20 to submit their videos. Ten finalists will be chosen and the YouTube community will vote for the winner. Seacrest says, “We’re taking Charlie Bit My Finger to a whole new level – a level that gets you paid.” Do you think Toyota’s YouTube Small Talk contest will be a success? Will the winner be good enough to surpass Charlie and David as the next YouTube kid vid star?