YouTube Stars Struggle Mightily Off YouTube

Freddiew, Shay Carl, even Annoying Orange

If you talk to enough folks in the Web video industry these days, you might get the feeling that everybody wants to get off YouTube as fast as they can to start their own thing. The big question one might ask is, are you so sure about that?

Videowatch asked comScore to look at traffic numbers for a sampling of top YouTube stars and networks. For companies like Maker Studios or anybody else mulling building a non YouTube video destination, the numbers aren’t pretty. Of the dozen plus YouTubers we looked at, all but two fell below comScore’s minimum audience threshold, which tops out at around 50,000 unique users. In other words, their audiences are negligible.

Several qualifiers:

-This list is clearly not comprehensive.

-Some YouTubers actively look to funnel audiences to their own sites. Some only sort of do. Some maintain websites for informational purposes only. Some have only been at it for a little while.

-ComScore isn't perfect.

But overall, the conclusion one would have to make is, it’s hard in the current market to underestimate the audience-gathering power of YouTube.

Here’s the list, per comScore:      7 million uniques     1 million uniques, the offshoot of Freddiew (850+ bill views) n/a

Epic Meal Time (5 mill subs)   n/a     n/a (Ray William Johnson, 2.3 bill views) n/a

Epic Rap Battles of History (6.1 million subs)   n/a   n/a

My Damn Channel/dailygrace n/a   n/a  n/a (home of 11 season series Red vs. Blue) n/a

VevoTV (Vevo’s non YouTube live net) n/a