YouTube Teams Up With Storyful to Create Curated Newswire

YouTube is taking advantage of the mounds of user-generated content to present verified stories, provide education and tools for digital fact-checking and tell stories about human-rights issues.

YouTube announced YouTube Newswire, a partnership with Storyful to provide a curated news feed with verified stories. According to the official blog, this grew out of the proliferation of user-generated YouTube videos that are already being used to support news reporting.

One of the challenges with the deluge of user-generated content, however, is understanding how to verify the stories. To wit, YouTube is gathering a coalition of thought leaders to create resources, training and case studies on how to verify stories in the digital information age.

YouTube is also partnering with Witness Media Lab to work on projects that tell the story of the struggle for human rights. While the series will broadly focus on stories of people who “live, witness and experience” human-rights struggles, the first installation will be a story focusing on the impact of the bystander in police brutality cases around the U.S.

YouTube Newswire is already live and include curated stories about the shooting at Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, S.C., a story that is currently unfolding. Other stories include #WorldRefugeDay and the monsoon in Dubai.

Readers: What are your initial thoughts on YouTube Newswire?