YouTube Video Volunteers Spread Earth Day Awareness

The first Earth Day was celebrated exactly forty years ago today, on April 22, 1970. Forty years later we are still celebrating Earth Day, struggling to raise awareness about the environment and inspiring people all over the globe to protect our Earth. YouTube is celebrating forty years of Earth Day with a spotlight on environmental action-inspired videos, created by YouTube’s Video Volunteers.

Video Volunteers is a YouTube channel created in order to give YouTube users the opportunity to spread awareness about issues that are important to them. This month, users submitted videos about climate change and in honor of Earth Day the top videos are featured on YouTube’s homepage. The winning videos deal with a variety of topics including plastic bag pollution, carbon emissions, the urgency of climate change, and the power of one person to make a difference.

YouTube’s Earth Day project really signifies the power of social media and the web in spreading awareness about important issues. By featuring these amazing videos about climate change and the environment, YouTube is doing their part to help spread awareness and inspire YouTube users to take action.

What role do you think social media and video sites like YouTube play in spreading awareness? Are there any causes you have been introduced to through social media?