YouTube’s Video Builder Tool Eases Entry Into Video for Small and Midsized Businesses

6-second and 15-second fare can be created with static images and music from the site’s library

Brands interested in being part of the Video Builder beta can apply for access YouTube

YouTube released a free tool Tuesday that will lessen the burden on small and midsized businesses looking to incorporate high-quality video into their marketing strategies.

Video Builder enables SMBs to animate static images such as photos, text and logos with music from YouTube’s library.

Businesses can select a layout depending on their messages and goals, and they can also customize colors and fonts, eventually generating short YouTube videos (six seconds or 15 seconds).

YouTube wrote in a blog post, “Because businesses of all sizes are strapped for time and resources and in-person video shoots are no longer practical in many countries, we are accelerating the next stage of Video Builder availability. With this tool, any business who needs a video can create one that helps connect with their customers and keep them informed—whether through an advertising campaign, website or email.”

Brands interested in being part of the Video Builder beta can apply for access or request access via their Google teams if applicable.

The Google-owned video site added, “Different businesses have different creative needs. A restaurant may want to communicate changing hours or promotions, while a supermarket may highlight new services like curbside pickup. For brands or agencies with existing video resources, Video Builder can help bring agility and experimentation to the creation process by generating supplemental, lightweight videos. For smaller businesses and those with less creative experience, it can provide an efficient, low-resource way to create videos, perhaps even for the first time.”

Early entries to the beta program include: Havenly, an online platform that offers affordable interior design services; Central Market, a gourmet grocery chain with 10 locations, which used Video Builder to highlight its curbside pickup service; and sandwich chain Which Wich, using the tool to communicate a $5 promotion.


Havenly senior manager of growth Stang Gappa said in the blog post, “Video is an integral part of our media strategy because our business demands visual context. Historically, video development has been a slow and labor-intensive process. With Video Builder, our small team is able to spin out high-quality creative with increased velocity. Given the current situation, where many of us are sheltering in place, free tools like this can help us continue to keep in touch with our customers.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.