You've Played Farmville… Are You Ready for FarmVillain?

It was only a matter of time before all those anti-Farmville Facebook Groups got a cause to get behind, and that patient wait is over. Jolt Games has released a game called “FarmVillain”, and it’s got over half a million users and is growing fast. Described by fellow gaming site Kotaku as being so low-brow that “it’s leaving little brow trails on the ground behind them”, the game revolves around, well, nothing! The game simply involves posting fake Farmville stories that are crude and disgusting and kind of hilarious.

We received note of the game from Jolt Online Games, the creator of FarmVillain, and I knew something was up when they addressed me as “Anarchic Farmer”. After j umping into the game and seeing what stories and images there are to post, I was lucky to come across these gems:

  • You found a pestilent swarm of rats on your farm. Oh my!
  • An escargot resistance has broken out on your farm. Oh my!
  • You found an outbreak of swine flu on your farm. Oh my!
  • You can now breed Wookies on your farm.

I’m not going to lie, the cute little pictures that accompany most of these are hilarious, and if social games are about sharing and entertainment, FarmVillain hits the mark, no doubt about it. Check it out here and let us know how you feel, villains!

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