Zaha Hadid Makes It Onto the Sunday Times‘ Annual ‘Rich List’

It’s a red-letter week for Zaha Hadid. This past weekend, she found herself among the gilded few who make it onto the Sunday Times‘ annual “Rich List,” a cataloging of the most wealthy people in all of Britannia. In years past, we’ve reported on the list every few years, keeping tabs on the old design and architecture stalwarts like James Dyson and Norman Foster, but this is Hadid’s first entry into this grouping of people who can and should hold bags of money with dollar signs on them everywhere they go (or pounds, more fittingly). The Times‘ list is behind the very pay wall that is helping keep owner Rupert Murdoch up top, but Building Design reports that Hadid’s personal wealth comes in at an estimated £37 million, thus nabbing her a spot among the 2000 wealthiest people in the UK, but not yet to that top 1000 tier, which starts at roughly £70 million. Elsewhere with those usual suspects, BD reports that Dyson became a billionaire last year and rose up the ranks to #43, whereas Foster lost several million in 2010 and dropped nearly 50 places, coming in at #457 with a measly £168 million.