Zaha Hadid the Latest Starchitect to Design a Miami Beach Parking Garage

In other cities, starchitects are hired to build skyscrapers, theaters, stadiums, or art museums. In Miami Beach… they’re given parking garages. Just before the weekend, the city announced that Zaha Hadid is the latest in a long series of famous architects and firms to be selected to create a new parking structure. The new space will be located in the Collins Park neighborhood, home to the Miami City Ballet, the City Library, a number of luxury hotels (though this is Miami after all, so everything seems like it’s near “a number of luxury hotels”), and just a few blocks away from the Miami Beach Convention Center. Those destinations listed, it’s understandable that there’s a definite need for parking, but before you judge too harshly on the use of Hadid’s talents for designing one, the city’s mayor, Matti Bower, has this to say to you: “Even our parking garages are more than a group of parking spaces. Some have become destinations within themselves and have attained individual iconic status.” Here’s a list of those parking garages/destinations from the city’s press release:

Miami Beach’s parking garages have received world-wide media attention and have become tourist attractions themselves. They include the Frank Gehry designed, city-owned, Pennyslvania Avenue Garage; Herzog de Meuron‘s minimalist, edgy space at 1111 Lincoln Road; Arquitectonica‘s Ballet Valet Garage at 7th Street and Collins Avenue as well as their newest design in Sunset Harbour, which is currently under construction; Enrique Norton‘s newly designed parking garage at 16th Street and Drexel Avenue; and Perkins and Will‘s recent City Center Garage Project at 18th Street and Meridian Avenue.