Zapstream on iOS Combines Live Streaming With Special Effects

The live streaming app allows users to draw and type on top of their streams, among other options.

Zapstream has announced the launch of its live streaming app on iOS devices. The app looks to stand apart from competitors like Periscope and Meerkat by allowing users to add text, drawings and other effects to their video streams in real time.

Zapstream allows users to share streams publicly, or with invited friends. While streaming, users can type or draw on the screen, and can change the pitch of their audio. Users can also add filters to their video (like sepia or ‘bulge’ filters, as examples). Both creators and viewers can take photo snapshots of any live stream to share them out to social media.

When a stream is complete, the app will automatically create a ‘Zap,’ or a 15-second highlight from the stream, which users can share out to social media. Users can ‘re-Zap’ to receive another highlighted clip, or create their own Zap from their favorite moment from the stream.


For viewers, the app provides a feed of other users’ streams and Zaps, which are separated into tabs for popular content, those streams or Zaps posted near the user, or those from users they follow. While watching a Zap or stream, users can post comments or likes on the content.

In a statement, AK Sands, CEO and founder of Zapstream, commented on the app:

Other apps only allow users to see the world through someone else’s eyes. That’s a decent start, but it’s not very fun or engaging for centennials. So we built an app that allows these users to do more and create the most fun and engaging live streaming experiences for both creators and viewers.

Zapstream is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, and is coming to Android in a few months.